Continuous population growth and the expansion of cities demands for a growth of electric distribution systems. With our Enterprise GIS, utility managers can create spatial queries based on the information stored in the database.

GIS is essential to determine infrastructure requirements, forecast vulnerabilities using real-time data, prioritise repair-maintenance tasks as per geographic specifications and ensure interoperability of different business components.

By analysing various parts of the distribution system, utility managers can identify areas with aged infrastructure, areas with overload in system components, areas with various system loading conditions and areas with frequent power outages due to the possible electricity theft.

The insights from spatial analysis can help planners and engineers to improve the power supply and asset management, in the context of planning the new transmission lines or cables, resolve outages and improve consumer satisfaction.

GIS enhances the operational efficiency of utility providers in power and water by achieving real-time data access and creating an intelligent ecosystem.

We provide

  • Solutions to improve Energy Efficiency & reduce Non Revenue Water
  • Mapping and digitally creating an asset map, using satellite images, drone images and GPS Survey
  • Computation of various losses, energy accounting and report generation using analysis tools
  • Develop SCADA middleware connecting asset data to SCADA system
  •  Develop efficient utility models using the data