An unique offerings from ULTS was to intergrate the GIS data of power distribution network with the SCADA network . This is one of the first projects of its kind in the GIS domain in India.This will help develop a middleware solution to communicate between the GIS database and SCADA network.

GIS (Geographic Information System) can always act as a Middleware to connect any data with Geographic aspect to enterprise system as it got numerous tools to get the data interchange or Data Interoperability functionality. Asset Management / Facility Management is one of the functionality of GIS that can be automated to connect with SCADA or any kind of enterprise systems

Geospatial information can also be integrated with other enterprise applications to enable distribution analysis and support key decision-support systems. The CIM model as a mechanism for enterprise system integration, can be of use in this process.

Utility industries used GIS to manage network asset data for decades. After all, knowing asset locations, their conditions, and their relationship to one another is fundamental to managing them. But the GIS data was often kept from the people who needed it most: fieldworkers, executives, managers, service technicians, and accountants. It uses a logical model network to find the network and its hierarchy, isolation in case of emergency, main unit ringing/switching based on priority etc.