LSGD Transformation

Flagship Project – GIS-based Data Discovery Tool For Local Self Governance

We have undertaken GIS-based Property Tax Estimation for 24 Panchayat /Municipality /Corporations(LSG) across the length and breadth of Kerala and developed Web GIS portals to visualise, analyse and update the data. etc.

Project Highlights

  • An Integrated platform that enables City and Local Governments to optimise their revenue by identifying unassessed and underassessed properties
  • Provide a platform to view the existing infrastructure and plan for the future with the spatial analysis tools
  • Beneficiary Identification for welfare schemes from Socio Economic Data & Tools for Infra Project Planning, Urban Master Plan Preparation, Town Planning etc
  • Provide a spatial visualisation of Educational facilities, Health, Sanitation and Waste disposal facilities to plan for improved accessibility and citizen satisfaction
  • Provide insights into the distribution of utility services and the need for enhancements
  • Provide the skill level distribution and labour force mapping to employment opportunities